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Bark Mulch

New bark mulch gives any landscaping a refreshed look when spring and summer come around. Don Wheeler Construction supplies three colors of bark mulch sourced from high quality materials. We offer free bark mulch delivery in Bedford NH to take the hassle out of hauling your own landscape materials.

Call us today for pricing and to schedule your delivery!

Red Mulch

Our red mulch is a blend of hemlock and aged spruce bark which has been slightly color enhanced to be a rich rust red mulch. Red mulch looks great with any colored home but brings a pop of color neutral colored homes.

Black Mulch

Black mulch is color enhanced forest wood with a deep color that fits any landscape. Black is well suited for landscapes such as traditional looking planting beds and makes bright colored flowers pop.

Brown Mulch

Our dye free brown mulch is a blend of aged spruce and hemlock made from pure bark. Our most natural earth toned mulch is perfect for anything from planting to freshening up your landscape’s appearance after a long winter.

All three colors of mulch pair great with a variety of other landscape materials like stone, loam, and wood chips. Contact Don Wheeler Construction for the best mulching in Bedford NH!